Cast & Crew


Tracy Meyer

Tracy is an actress, improviser and host of the weekly iO Block Party Show at iO West. She's recently been seen on Hello Ladies, Community, NTSF: SD: SUV:: and Newsreaders! She is super funny and loves to have dance parties!

Betsy Sodaro

Betsy is a performer at UCBLA. She has been seen on NBC's Animal Practice, the Kroll Show and Comedy Bang! Bang! and much more. Check out her fun schtuff here: Funny Betsy videos!

Joe Wengert

Joe is a writer for the Kroll Show, Playing House, and Comedy Bang! Bang! Most recently he had a half hour stand up special on Comedy Central. Joe is really great!

Christina Anthony

Christina is a hilarious comedienne and alumni of Second City Chicago. She has been seen on Comedy Central's Mash Up, Key & Peele, Late Night with Conan, Ocean's Twelve & the Dilemma. 

Alison Becker

Alison is an actress, writer, and very funny lady! She has been seen on Parks & Rec, the Kroll Show, and much more. We're so happy she could be a part of UHD.

Matt Braunger

Matt is a very talented, hilarious stand-up comedian. You can see him everywhere, being funny always. He looks wonderful in the color orange and we're so happy he could be a part of our show.

Charlene deGuzman

Charelene make-a-defunnies! It was a joy to work with her on UHD. You can see her in all of her funny-ness here:

Matthew Rocheleau

Matt is actor and husband. He often goes out for nerdy computer guys, or does make out scenes. So, being tied up was not strange for him at all. 


Deanna Russo

Deanna is from Jersey, likes cats who act like dogs and dogs who act like cats, crotchets, and is allergic to hornets. She has been seen in Being Human, Burning Love, Gossip Girl, Rescue Me and USA's new marriage drama Satisfaction.  Find her on twitter: @deannarusso

Raegan Aniya

Raegan is a terrific, funny actress! UHD was so, so lucky to have her in our show. Rae told us, "I like doing videos because they are so so so so so so fun. Doik. Doik. Doikey doik, doik. I am five. I will be six because my birthday is in July. Doik. Doikey."  - Rae Aniya 2014

Ahmed Bharoocha


Will Choi


Sky King

Sky's so funny he doesn't need twitter!

Dan McLellan



Howie Kremer

Howie is a comedy writer and the creator, writer and director of UHD. He wants to thank everyone who helped  make UHD so fantastic! Howie would also like to send a special shout out to his two number one girls: Ding Dong and Gretyl, his cats.

Maureen Bharoocha

Maureen is a writer/director. Born and raised on the beaches of sunny Santa Barbara, Maureen battled brutal winters in adulthood to receive her MFA in film from Boston University. She loves working with funny people on cool projects so UHD was a dream series to direct!

Maureen's stuff!

Paul Bartunek

Paul is a director, editor and comedian. He edited all six UHD episodes and directed two. Talk about multi-talented! You can see his other fun schtuff here: 

Paul's Schtuff!


John Hale

Our DP!

Andy DeYoung

Our other DP!

Ryan Young

And another DP!

Eva Rismanforousha

The best sound person ever!